Learn how to use one of our lovely Heidi Hope Backdrops with these adorable combos! How would you use this Heidi Hope backdrop?


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Check out what new Photography Props we have at Design Revolution! Which one is your favorite? What would you like to see next?

Burlap and Tattered Lace 2

These warm red and cozy brown Christmas Photo Props will bring a beautiful pop of color to your holiday shoots! Here are some of our favorite Christmas photography ideas!

Rat a Tat Aunties

Cute, cute, cute! By adding one of these adorable newborn photography props and accessories you'll immediately take your photo shoots to the next level.


These Christmas Photo Props make for a beautiful and serene holiday color palette. The soft greens, ivory, and gold are truly angelic and timeless.


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These beautiful, blue Holiday Photo Props all flow magically with our new Forest Backdrop! We love the modern feel of this color palette.

Black and Gold Photography Props Pinterest

Here are some super classy Photography Props to fit your Black & Gold Color Palette. They're sure to be unique, fun, and chic. Learn how to use them below!

Vintage Chic 10

Get the perfect Christmas Props to rock this color palette. Pair them with a gold backdrop and you're all set for a stellar photo shoot!

The flood FB

If you don't mind a damaged box, you can get our Rebecca Chair for 70% off. Don't worry, the box is damaged but not the chair.

Flokati Pink Cheesecloth

Our high quality newborn colored cheesecloth is ideal for adding texture and depth to newborn baby photoshoots. Here are a couple ways to use them!

Hanging with my Bears

Newborn photography wraps can be intimidating. There are many ways to wrap the little ones, learn how to do 8 of them with these simple how-to's.

Cake Smash Set

Sweeten up your Cake Smash Photoshoots with some adorable and unexpected props! The best part? Many of these props can be used with all sorts of photoshoots as well!


Looking for some fresh ideas for your up and coming newborn photo shoot? Here are some behind-the-scenes insight on these great Newborn Photo Shoots.