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Hello!  Welcome to Design Revolution Online, your custom newborn and children photography prop source!  We strive to provide original and unique photo props, luxurious fabrics, portrait clothing, and custom made backdrops and flooring.

At Design Revolution, we offer products that we have personally used in our own photography studios and deem them quality products for our own clients long before we consider marketing them to our extended friends and family:  YOU, our fellow professional portrait photographers.

We guarantee all of our products to be made with the finest materials and since most of them have are handmade or have handmade touches, you can be sure they are unique! We hope to not only provide you with photography props but also to inspire you to create your own portraits with personalized style and flare. Follow our blog on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to gain all sorts of tips, tricks, and updates @DesignRevolutionOnline

More About our Products

Design Revolution has made itself a name in the industry by providing some of the most creative, intricate and customized props like our gorgeous Angel Wings and lush Lisa Chaise’s. We also offer wood, iron and fabric photography props and furniture specialized for newborns and children photography, and versatile enough for seniors, families or any other portrait photography needs.

Furniture:  Our furniture props are custom designed by Design Revolution’s Creative Team. Our Creative Team has experience in child photography, design, engineering, and architecture. They create unique, beautiful, functional furniture pieces for children’s photographers. These are truly heirloom quality props. Most of our wood furniture pieces are hand-carved by craftsmen, and we always use the highest quality upholstery for our pieces.

Collections:  We’ve also begun offering themed collections like our Vintage and Riff Raff collections so that not only will you have more options for a themed set, you’ll also get to see all the possibilities for your own studio.

Props:  Our photography props are just that, props. They have the look and make of a piece of art, and are not toys. We have wooden blocks, wrought iron tractor stools, delicate jeweled tiaras, and hundreds of items in between. We personally hand pick each of our photography props to add a timeless and tasteful addition to upscale newborn and children’s photography portraits.

Boutique/Fabric Items:  Our luxurious fabrics are specifically hand-picked with portraits in mind. We carry a variety of cotton blends, knitted and crocheted yarns, fine linens, silks, and faux furs. Our line comprises of only the best woven fabrics with colors and textures, and depths perfect for portrait photography, as well as the softest feel for our adorable clients.

A large portion of our portrait clothing line is custom-made right here in our studio. We offer our own styles and creations made with the finest quality fabrics, ribbons, and accessories. In designing and creating our clothing line, we keep in mind the versatility in sizes for our clients so you can get the most use out of your purchase. Whenever possible, we create pieces that are clipped on so you can easily use them for boys/girls or for a simple/glam look.  We believe every portrait should be unique to your client and our goal in creating clothing items that are versatile in size, use, and gender will help you accomplish just that.

Backdrops:   Our backdrops and flooring are designed and printed right here in our own studio. We personally design every backdrop ourselves and with the help of local artists who have joined the Design Revolution family. We believe you deserve a unique and custom look for your studio, so we go out of our way to create them for you. We have hundreds of designs at Design Revolution, with more added weekly. These quality backdrops are printed on a polyester blend wrinkle resistant fabric, making them extra durable. We print our flooring on a thin rubber mat that is lightweight enough to use as a background. Our philosophy in our own studio is versatility, so with every new creation we keep our studio needs and yours in mind.

Coming soon:  A whole new line of hand-painted backdrops.

About the Owners:  As some of you may already know, over a year ago there was a change of ownership. After nearly 8 years of business, the original owners announced that Design Revolution was closing their doors. Loyal customers, Tim and Cara Radbourne, of Show and Tell Photos, just couldn’t bear to let it happen. Cara, an established and well-known photographer in Alberta, Canada, and her husband Tim, who has a background in Engineering, decided they would buy it. It’s been a joy ever since!

Our Creative Design Department:  Our small team is talented and amazingly crafty.  We take pride in adding extra care and detail in every handmade item that leaves our door.  We can create just about anything to tie your wonderful sets together.  From custom headbands, hats, clothing items, and embellishments to coordinate with any set or prop; as well as specific pieces to coordinate a portrait for a nursery, studio, or match a specific backdrop or set you have already planned for an upcoming session.  Just give us a call or send us a message if you have something in mind!

Contact us at customerservice@designrevolutiononline.com if you have any questions, ideas, or concerns.  We’d love to hear from you!



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