Greyson Dark Grey Backdrop/Flooring

Flooring Alternatives

There are so many options when looking for the right photography flooring for your studio.  After all, it’s always nice to mix it up,  so here are a few ideas of floorings to add to your studio’s collection. (Pictured:  Tiffany Bench, Marble Backdrop, Shabby Flooring, Riff Raff Tattered Lace) Distressed style is all the rage and…

Art Deco 1 Backdrop

Art Deco Backdrop

This Gold Backdrop will remind you of the Great Gatsby, with it’s Art Deco theme. This bold-patterned, Art Deco backdrop will make you feel like jumping back in the 1920’s and dancing with Great Gatsby at the party. This modern day twist on a classic style is so much fun! [Shown with Tiffany Bench, Pearl and Gemstone Necklace, Daisy Buchanan…

Little Guy Fedora in Camel

Baby Boy Photo Ideas

Each baby has their own unique traits and style, and each baby BOY has their own spunky side as well!  Here are 3 great Baby Boy Photo Ideas to liven up your shoots. First: The right color palette.  Each photographer and child has a particular style they prefer and finding the right colors for that style allows…

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