Tiffany Bench: Flood Sale

Just My Size

Last week we introduced to you our brand new Lisa Chaise from our 2015 Photography Furniture Collection and the response was unanimous, everyone loved them! This week we want to share with you another piece from our collection, our beautiful Tiffany Bench. This piece is a perfect infant photography prop. With its intricate details and rustic wooden finish, it has…

Lisa Chaise in White

3 Posing Tips With Furniture: Photography Edition!

Here are 3 Photography Tips and Tricks for posing!  Learn how to re-create the awesome looks you see in our photos for our new 2015 photography furniture collection. Posing Tip #1:  Let the Client entertain themselves.  Sometimes your going to photograph a baby or toddler that just isn’t going to smile for you NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. Whether you are jumping around,…

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