Black And White Backdrop

Lace, lace, lace! We can’t get enough. This Black And White Backdrop is absolutely stunning. Whether you use a shallow depth of field or not, the lace photographs SO well. We love this backdrop for newborns, but it also works great for maternity and boudoir sessions! You can get it here. Not sure it’s for you? We…

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Greyson Dark Grey Backdrop/Flooring

Why You Need a Wood Backdrop

Here are 4 reasons why you just have to have a Wood Backdrop: [Pictured: Shabby Vanilla Backdrop/Flooring] 1. You can shoot from above and still have a gorgeous background.  After all, this simplifies your shoot when instead of needing both a backdrop and flooring, you can have your flooring serve as both!  This works great with…

Royalty Blue Marble Backdrop

New Photography Backdrops

Welcome to our new Backdrop Shop!  We’re releasing lots of new designs, with many more to come.  Our custom made backdrops are not only printed on the highest quality, wrinkle-free material, but are also designed right here, in studio.  Always be on the look-out for great new designs.  From simple to funky, we’ve got something for you! Featured…

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