Specialty Easter Props

It’s always a good time to talk about Easter photography props!  We offer a wide range of Easter props that are versatile enough to be used for spring and summer. Dress up your little models in the Emma Hankie Tutu Skirt! Nothing says professional like having everything down to the clothing to put together an Easter set.  The warm…

Set of 3 Green Embellished trays

Introducing our latest baby photography prop!  These 3 Embellished Green Trays are going to be a stunning new addition to your studio.  The versatility of the sizes and the completely unique embellishment is sure to add a fantastically floral touch to your sets. These are great to nestle a newborn, contain those toddling toddlers or a…

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Black/Ivory Vest & Tie

Baby Boy Bow Ties

At Design Revolution Online we love newborn boy photography!  From the cute little jeans, hats and little Baby Boy Bow Ties, dressing up a little boy is always a blast and always leaves room for loads of creativity! These adorable bow ties come in some many different patterns, you’ll be sure to find one to fit any little…

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