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Newborn Photography Hats

Looking for newborn hats for photography?  Then Design Revolution is your prime shopping stop!  These newborn photography hats are perfect for every season, style, or newborn that comes into your studio. Our unique Patches Crochet Set is whimsical and Fun.  Perfect for Fall and Winter shoots. Our Bebe Pur Mod Stripe Set is available for girls and boys!…

General Store Crates

These unique General Store Crates will add some countryside sweetness to your photoshoots and they really have a fun vintage feel! This set of two comes with a “General Store” and “Farmers Market” crate.  Perfect for stacking, stuffing or even as an accent prop in the back of your set. Find more vintage photo props…

Chalkboard Crate

The Message Crate Chalkboard Prop is the latest craze.  With this versatile chalkboard photography prop you can make a birth announcement, thank you note or any message you like; the possibilities are endless! Just add some Cuddle Fur or a Cozy Throw blanket and you’re ready to get shooting and creating. An extra crate means extra messages and extra fun!…

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