Birthday Photo Props

Check out this 7-second behind-the-scenes look of Julie Klaasmeyer creating this fun shot using photo props entirely from Design Revolution.  From Backdrops, to Flooring, and Skirts to Headbands, our one stop shop provides everything you’ll need to make your photographs extraordinary! Below are the items used in the shoot.  Go ahead and get your favorites today! The…

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Vintage Lace Ivory Dress

Vintage Lace Dress And Backdrop

Our LACY’S LACE background is so beautiful and goes well with our ‘girly’ line of vintage props and clothing. Our new, knee length vintage lace dress with a floral sash & matching headband is simply too sweet to resist. The dresses are available in 3 sizes. Our vintage props at Design Revolution are simply amazing!…

Cherry Basket Set

Spring Photography Prop Spring is in the air! Pick up our adorable Cherry Basket, Headband, and Floral Sprig for newborns and toddlers to celebrate! This Spring photography prop comes with a Cherry Basket, Headband, and Floral Sprig. Image above is shown with custom headband. Are you looking for more Spring props? We have Springs Backdrops, newborns wraps,…

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