DIY Fall Pumpkin Set

Fall Props

I guess it’s hard to imagine putting a baby in front of messy crops, but not when it creates a timeless photograph!  This is our chocolate marble backdrop used like you’ve never seen it before! We’ll show you how to use it to make your own fantastic Fall Pumpkin Set.

Fall DIY Set

Here are the fall props you’ll need:

Keep the baby as the focal point.  By placing them on a higher stool or prop, with contrasting colors you can easily do this.  In this case we used an ivory colored fabric and a hat with an ivory colored flower to frame the newborn.

Distress the hay bails.  Do this by pulling some of the hay out for a more natural look. Stack them up higher on one side and leave them lowered on the other. This creates a beautiful juxtaposition.

When choosing pumpkins pick ones of varying sizes and choose an odd number.  This creates a nice flow throughout your images

Pick varying colors in the same palette.  For the pumpkins, don’t be afraid to find white ones, yellowish ones, or ones with spots.  These added colors will tie together your image. Also include other autumn vegetables like wheat or corn to add added texture and tones to your photo.  Frame it all with a neutral backdrop.

Lastly, add floral touches.  In this case we added dried, dark red flowers and a basket of red apples.

Remember these are all just suggestions and pointers, so take these fall props and items and make your image uniquely yours! 🙂

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