Snowflakes Will Be Falling Soon…New Golden Snowflakes Holiday Backdrop

O Holiday Backdrop New Design

…Golden Snowflakes.

Snowflakes will be falling soon so be ready!

Golden Snowflakes Holiday Backdrop

Golden Snowflakes

A lovely Holiday Backdrop with stars and snowflakes in gold tones.

This mixed media backdrop was hand painted by our inhouse designer

and creates a unique background for any holiday photo shoot!

Grand Mansion Door Holiday Backdrop

Grand Mansion Doors

Snowflake Christmas Tree Holiday Backdrop

Snowflake Christmas Tree

Our unique Holiday Backdrops are printed on wrinkle-free fabric.

Winter Wonderland Holiday Backdrop

Winter Wonderland
Get ready for the holidays now with new additions to your studio collection!

Winter Woods Holiday Backdrop

Winter Woods

Leaded Window Pane Holiday Backdrop

Leaded Window Pane

Snowflake Frost in Black Holiday Backdrop

Snowflake Frost in Black

Snowflakes in Vintage Holiday Backdrop

Smowflakes in Vintage

China Blue Damask Holiday Backdrop

China Blue Damask

Have fun and use use your creativity!

Deluxe Fabric Backdrop – Wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, sturdy fabric.

Bold, vibrant colors are printed on our premium fabric.

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