How To Organize Your Photography Backdrops

photography backdrops Looking for ways on how to organize all those great photography backdrops you have in your studio?  Check out these 5 variations that will fit any studio size!

Backdrop Storage Ideas 21.  Backdrop Storage Ideas:

This post is excellent because it talks about photography prop storage in small spaces. She shows not only how she stores those backdrops, but also banners and a few other things. When you have a small space, every inch of your walls count!

Backdrop Hanger System2.  The Backdrop Hanger System

This detailed tutorial on how to make this unique photography backdrop system is sure to come in handy.  It’s so genius, you’ll wish you had thought of it yourself!

Backdrop Storage for Tiny Spaces3.  Backdrop Storage For Tiny Spaces

Check out this organized, easy to use photography backdrop system for a teeeny tiny photography studio.  We’re not all blessed with copious amounts of space and all these easy to find items make this doable for just about anyone!

DIY Backdrop Holder4.  DIY Backdrop Holder

We could’t find many details on this one but judging by the image all you need is some short pvc pipes and some plywood.  Think about how many rolls of backdrops you could have on just ONE wall!

Roll down backdrop

5.  Roll Down Backdrops

Don’t let your backdrops take away from your beautiful space.  Hanging them high up leaves plenty of room for your clients to appreciate your work!

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  1. Oh my heck!!! You’ve featured my little studio (#2) I’m so incredibly excited and honored. It’s a fantastic way to use a tiny tiny space for sure.
    –Melissa Klassen

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