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Also check out Julie Klaasmeyer Photography and Design Studio , many of our photographs come from her!

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  1. I tried to do the Great Chaise Race, and the link would only give me a bunch of error messages.?? Not sure if I was doing something wrong?


      The Great Chaise Race doesn’t start until 10:00 (CST).

  2. Is your shipping really$161.00 for 2 drops? Or is that a mistype?


      Must be a mistype. Where are you located?

  3. Melody

    I just received my order and would like to thank you for your fast service and great products!


      Thanks Melody for taking the time to write. We appreciate our customers & seek to offer the best.

      Cara Radbourne
      Design Revolution

  4. Is the 8×10 width x height or height x width?

    • Design Rev

      Hi Sylvia. Sorry for the delayed response. I just saw your comment now. For the 8×10 size of backdrops, the 8′ dimension could be either the height or width depending on the pattern of the backdrop. If it’s a vertical pattern, the width is 8′. If the pattern is horizontal, the width is 10′. Is there anyone in particular that you were looking at and wondering about? Some of them can be printed either way.

  5. Kristi

    When will the chaise lounges be back in stock?

    • Design Rev

      Hi Kristi,
      Thanks for your message. As you can see, we’ve sold out on all chaise lounges. We currently cannot bring in more but certainly will in the future if it’s possible. They were well liked by our customers.

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