The “Adored” Newborn – A PDF Complete Guide for Newborn Portrait Sessions


This 36-page complete PFD guide shares the key steps in successfully running your dream photography studio flawlessly.

It covers the following concepts:

* Important topics to cover with parents during the consultation phase
* Studio set-up checklists
* Lighting patterns
* A how-to introduction to intricate poses
* Tips and tricks with favorite poses
* Suitable furniture and props to use
* Nearly 100 images of creative guidance



Dear Photographer,

If you are a beginning newborn photographer, I’m excited to present you with this complete creative guide. Not only will you learn skills and develop creativity, but you can also grow & succeed in the newborn professional photography industry.

When I started out in the photography industry 11 years ago, I realized that photographing newborns and babies was a critical key to my studio success. I was losing an opportunity to gain new clients because I wasn’t familiar with photographing newborns. In the beginning I had so many questions. How am I to light my subjects? How am I to pose them? What makes good composition? How do I work with the babies to allow me to get the best shots?

My first few sessions were, admittedly, were a disaster. My first baby was nicely posed in a hanging cheesecloth wrap. I had my spotters in place & I thought things were just perfect. As I was going to click the shutter – woosh – the baby let loose and a fabulous mushy goop went up her back, through the cheesecloth onto my flooring. .. I had to run for my necessities as I didn’t have them nearby. The baby continued to cry and I never did get my shot.

Becoming stressed out with my first few sessions, I was desperate for any tips I could learn that would help me run a successful session. I didn’t realize that photographing newborns was so completely different & challenging compared to other portraiture sessions. But…oh, how I loved these tiny, sweet babies & wanted to so badly to create stunning artwork for the parents that they would cherish for a life time.

Good luck with your exciting career as a newborn photographer!

Cara Radbourne
Design Revolution

* Design Revolution’s newborn guide is a great reference for all newborn photographers! The lighting diagrams are really helpful and I often refer to the guide for posing inspiration. Included are a couple checklists that I use for every session. 10/10 would buy again. K. Fleming

*I am an experienced photographer of children but I have never done baby photography. This guide was very helpful in making sure I have all the bases covered and can display the confidence and preparedness that helps new parents feel at ease. I am lucky to have some good options as far as an assistant, there is clearly no way to photograph newborns safely and efficiently without one. And the tech tips were great. I mainly shoot outdoors so diagrams on how to arrange the studio were very helpful. Using clamps and weights to help alter or maintain a pose by stretching the bean bag is a great riff and the sling pose trick is pure genius. I am glad I took the time to peruse this short but idea packed booklet. J. King


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