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Copeland Backdrop


The Copeland Backdrop is a darling rustic backdrop. This awesome barnwood style backdrop is perfect for any occasion. 



Coral & Black Sash & Headband Set

$59.99 $24.99

This Custom Headband and a beautiful matching floral & lace sash with detachable flowers make a unique set. So versatile!

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Cozy ThrowCozy Throw

Cozy Throw

$68.00 $12.99

These knitted Newborn Photography Blankets add the perfect and texture to your images. Available in many color options.

Cream & Purple Gradient


This purple and cream backdrop is a real stunner! It’s a lovely portrait backdrop for girls of all ages. The colors include a deep purple and a light cream color on the top of the backdrop.

Cream Tattered Lace Skirt

Cream & White Tattered Lace Skirt Set

$135.00 $39.00

This classic Lace Skirt comes with gorgeous layers of cream colored & white lace, fabric, and more. So beautiful and comes with a matching headband and adorable crocheted shawl.

Cream Doors Backdrop

Cream Doors Backdrop


This cream Door Backdrop features some aged, cracked doors in a beautiful cream color.

Cuddle Fur Posing FabricCuddle Fur Posing Fabric

Cuddle Fur Posing blankets – Various Colors

$35.00 $9.99

These Newborn Photography Blankets are must have for photographers. The cuddly texture photographs great!

Our Cuddle Furs are available in Grey, Pink, Light Ivory, Tan, Chocolate, and Multi-brown.

DULCET Collection Boho 3-pc Cake Smash Set #1


So extra-ordinary & so-girly.  This 3-pc set is a hit for 12-24 month olds whether it’s a cake smash session or any whimsical one.

Set includes pink diaper cover with beautiful scalloped lace trim, floral reversible bib & matching bow headband.  Reversible bib has floral on one side and pink checkered print on the other.


DULCET Collection Boho Burgundy Print Fringed Cotton Cake Smash Set


This sweetest burgundy fringed cotton lace bloomer 3-piece set is made from high quality soft cotton/linen fabric. Switch it up with a reversible bib with a floral print on one side and a linen with lace on the other. The roomy, paper bag waist styled diaper cover and matching headband make this a complete outfit! Just add a basic onesie to top it off.


DULCET Collection Boy Grey/Ivory Patchwork Diaper Cover & Bib Set


This classic baby boy diaper cover 2-piece set is made from soft top quality cotton blend of fabric. Switch it up with a reversible bib with a plaid prints on one side and a plain on the other. A roomy diaper cover accented with back pockets and a fake frontal closure & button. Just add a basic onesie to top it off.


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