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Easter Blooms Backdrop


This garden of flowers, eggs and butterflies is the perfect Easter Backdrop for those darling holiday images.

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Gold Cement Backdrop


The Gold Cement Backdrop is a fabulous, versatile backdrop. It has a subtle cement-like design and a vibrant gold color. 

Leaded Window Pane Backdrop


This gorgeous classic backdrop features a leaded glass window scene. You will love how your portraits turn out with this subtle yet stunning backdrop. Sizes 5×7 and  8×10 (finished size 6-12″ smaller). 

Spring Time Vintage Chic Doors BackdropSpring Time Vintage Chic Doors Backdrop

Spring Time Vintage Chic Doors Backdrop


This Spring Backdrop features our best selling vintage chic doors but with floral accents and built in chair images. The outcome is truly extraordinary.