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Amelia Backdrop


A twist on our Shabby Doors, this Floral Backdrop has sweet lavender flowers flowing from the top and from the bottom!

Blue Meg


This Spring Backdrop features sweet floral branches. So beautiful in photographs!



Easter Blooms Backdrop


This garden of flowers, eggs and butterflies is the perfect Easter Backdrop for those darling holiday images.

Emma Backdrop


This pretty floral backdrop is great for many looks from early spring until early fall. So many clothing color options available to interchange with it.


Jewel-Tone Flowers Galore Backdrop


A gorgeous blue and green jewel-toned flower explosion! This is such a fun floral backdrop. It would be great paired with neutral outfits, studio furniture, and props.

Moody Floral Dream Catcher Backdrop


This moody dream catcher backdrop is so fabulous. Our designers created this pretty dream catcher. It features flowers and natural elements.

Pretty Floral Dreamcatcher


This delicate, beautifully handmade floral dream catcher is a must have whether photographing newborns, children, teens or families.