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#1 Blue Blanket Set

$56.99 $28.49

Yes, warm and classical.  This blue textured stretch blanket is wrinkle resistant and of a lovely texture to show in your baby images.  The slate blue wrap is of a very soft cotton.  This darling headband, ties it all together!

Blanket size:  64″x48″


#1 Burnt Umber (Orange) Blanket Set

$34.99 $17.49

A beautiful blend of soft tones and textures in this set.

This square, designed blanket is super soft for baby to lie on.  The newborn headband ties it all together beautifully.

Blanket size:  68″x60″

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#2 Sage Green Headband

$14.99 $5.99

This newborn & baby multi-sage green tones headband gives a delicate touch to any portrait.

Beaded Garland Headpiece

Beaded Garland Boho Headpiece

$21.00 $4.99

This beaded Custom Boho Headband has delicate, jewel toned beads, laced between some simple wiring.


Boho Feathered Wreath

$49.00 $14.99

Boho at it’s best.  This beautiful feathered wreath looks stunning on every little girl.


Camila’s Coral Dress & Headband & Leggings Set

$69.99 $29.99

Any little girl will feel special in this blush/coral knee length dress, leggings & headband set.  This high-end set is suitable for any occasion in and out of the studio.

Available in 3 sizes.


Coral & Black Sash & Headband Set

$59.99 $24.99

This Custom Headband and a beautiful matching floral & lace sash with detachable flowers make a unique set. So versatile!

Cream Tattered Lace Skirt

Cream & White Tattered Lace Skirt Set

$135.00 $39.00

This classic Lace Skirt comes with gorgeous layers of cream colored & white lace, fabric, and more. So beautiful and comes with a matching headband and adorable crocheted shawl.


Ella’s Lace Shorts, Top & Headband Set

$89.99 $39.99

Oh my goodness… couldn’t be sweeter.  These adorable knit lace shorts and top sets are so dressy & comfy at the same time.  Each set includes shorts, top & matching headband.  Any little girl will look adorable in this set inside or outside of the studio.  Headband included is the circular one that is shown in the close-up image in the gallery of images.

Eyelet Bonnet - Blush flowersEyelet Bonnet - Blush flowers

Eyelet Bonnet – Blush flowers

$25.00 $12.99

This newborn bonnet in Ivory and blush is so sweet. The eyelet, cotton is gorgeous and the hint of blush in the flowers looks lovely on babies.

Size newborn to 3 months.

Newborn Pillbox HatsNewborn Pillbox Hats

Newborn Pillbox Hats

$25.00 $6.99

This vintage hat is embellished with feathers, netting, and flowers to add an extra special glamour. Little mini pillbox hats look especially cute with our black/ivory polka dot backdrop, & accents of pink, coral, yellow, green or orange.


Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse

$55.00 $19.99

These Rocking Horse Vintage props are perfect for the holiday’s or for any vintage shoot!

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