Our vintage props at Design Revolution are simply amazing! We have unique vintage photo props, vintage backdrops and much more.

Vintage Props

Vintage Props

We like to think we?ve got an eye for what makes a vintage themed photo shoot really work. In our creative lab, we are always coming up with innovative new ideas on the kinds of vintage?props we think our customers want to see for this theme, and we aim to please.

Vintage Newborn Photography Props:

Vintage Newborn Photography Prop

The Abigail’s Collection?is?one of our newest additions to the Design Revolution shop, and hopefully a new addition to your studio.?Included in your purchase is the Shabby Chic Bucket, and the handmade one-of-a-kind, matching Headband.

Newborn Photography Wraps

We?re very excited to bring you a whole new collection of newborn photography wraps and headband sets! We?ve added 14 new sets to our shop.

Vintage Clothing For Kids:

Vintage Clothing For Kids

Here is one of the coolest, yes…we said COOLEST, ?vintage-inspired collections for boys we’ve ever had, the Vintage Knickers Set.?This set whisks you away into a Charles Dickens novel with it’s Oliver Twist style.

Vintage Clothing

Our new Denim Suspender Shorts will add a little vintage flare to any photo shoot.
Very cute from baby to little boys.

Vintage Dress

Our new, knee length Vintage Ivory Lace Dress with a floral sash & matching headband is simply too sweet to resist. The dresses are available in 4 sizes.

Vintage Photo Props:

Vintage Photo Props

Another versatile item?that we love and use frequently is our Ivory Wood and Tin Tray Set.

Vintage collection designCheck out our?recently released vintage-inspired Scripted Wraps. ?These gorgeous wraps?can be used in a variety of different ways.

vintage angel wings

We also have vintage angel wings that are made with soft ivory and tan coque feathers. This comes with a coordinating halo filled with pink, ivory silk flowers.

Vintage Backdrops:

Vintage Backdrops This versatile vintage backdrop is quickly becoming a go-to piece for Newborn and Children’s ?Photography. It features a classic Script and Damask overlay. It?can be purchased here in three different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

Vintage Backdrop

To complete your vintage French Victorian theme, checkout out one of our favorite backgrounds, the Lacey’s Lace Background. This gorgeous backdrop can be purchased in three different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

ae1e4767-1952-46c2-8204-f621bcc12518 Our Read All About It?backdrop goes perfectly with the Vintage Knickers Set and comes in three sizes.

We have more vintage props in our store?and make sure to follow DesignRevolutionOnline.com on?Facebook.

Design Revolution Online

Welcome to Design Revolution Online, your source for custom children and newborn photography props. We strive to provide original and unique photograph props, luxurious fabrics, portrait clothing and custom backdrops and flooring.?


  1. I would like to take my pictures and have faces of my grandchildren put in Victorian children clothing. Can you do this?

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Hi Anita. Sorry, I missed seeing your message until now. Am I understanding you right, you want to photograph your grandchildren and then have us put the images of the faces on the clothing? I’m not so sure your idea would work. The lighting on the childrens’ faces and on the clothing would have to be the same.

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